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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.10, No.1~4, 1980

Vol.10 No.1

Message from President Kan-ichiro Ishibashi 3
Message from President Masao Kogure 4
Article Quality Control for 1980's Tetsuichi Asaka 5
Article Quality Control for 1980's Shoichiro Toyota 9
Article Role of Today's QC Circle Activities Tatsuo Sugimoto 13
Lecture Total Quality Control in Japan Kan-ichiro Ishibashi 19
From Abroad Quality Control in China Chang-wen Liu 24
Reportage The 16th Technical Conference 29
Reportage 9th Annual Conference 33
Contributed Paper On Variable Selection Methods in Multiple Regression Analysis Hitoshi Kume 38
Iketsu Cho
Case Method Standardization of the Sensory Test Hideko Furukawa 47
SQC Review Variable Selection in Regression Analysis Yasushi Taga 54
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 61
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 67

Vol.10 No.2

Article The Loss Due to Variation of Product's Function and Producer's Liability Gen-ichi Taguchi 3
Article Quality Control System and System Theory Osamu Furukawa
Tutorial Multivariate Analysis of Cosmetics Quality Characteristics Masaaki Yoshida 11
Tutorial Uniform Product Liability Law (1) Ichiro Miyauchi 15
From Abroad Letter from Japanese Quality Control Staff in Americans Manufactory Ko-jiro Kawasaki 22
Contributed Paper The Selection of a Optimum Screening Position in a Manufacturing Process Sumio Maeno 27
Contributed Paper Variation Diminishing Spline Function Representation of the Probability Density Function and its Characteristic Function Kiyoshi Tsukakoshi 30
Technical Note Nomograph for Obtaining Confidence Intervals of MTBF in the Case of the Exponential Distribution Tetsuo Miyamura 42
Case Method Inspection and Test Procedure for Reliability Assurance Shigeru Takagi 52

Vol.10 No.3

Article Role of QC in the Innovation Society Kaoru Masaki 3
Tutorial Characteristics of Sampling Inspection Systems with Severity Adjustment Takeshi Koyama 9
Tutorial Uniform Product Liability Law (2) Ichiro Miyauchi 17
Lecture Prosperity, only through the Quality Fast Policy Ren-ichi Takenaka 23
Reportage The 17th Technical Conference 29
Contributed Paper Two-Sample Tests for Ordered Categorical Data and Their Performance Hiroyuki Uesaka 36
Masashi Goto
Contributed Paper Analysis of Interaction Effects in a Two-way Layout without Replication Chihiro Hirotsu 47
Case Method Damage Tolerance Design Tadao Kamiyama 54
Case Method QEC Activities on IC Fabrication Keiichi Shimakura
Yuuichi Haneta 61

Vol.10 No.4

Article Company-Wide Quality Control is One of the Revolutional Concept for Management Kaoru Ishikawa 3
Article Value Analysis and Quality Control Yukio Kishimoto 12
Article How to Represent the Performance of Measuring Instruments? Kozo Iizuka 18
From Abroad The Situation is not so Bad. That's a Problem of U.S.-Interview with Dr. J. M. Juran- Noriaki Kanoh 25
Reportage The 6th Symposium Shoichi Simizu 31
Contributed Paper Sampling Inspection Plan by Variables(É–Unknown) Based on the Non-Central t Distribution and Consideration on Its Approximation Formulae Takao Enkawa 36
Contributed Paper An Approximating the Binomial Confidence Limit Yoritake Fujino 45
SQC Review Chain Sampling Inspection Plans Hiroyuki Takahashi 52

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