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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.9, No.1~4, 1979

Vol.9 No.1

Message from President Masao Kogure 3
Message from President Shoichiro Toyota 4
Article Human Motivation and Quality Control (Part 2) Yoshio Kondo 5
Article GMP Kaoru Tabuchi 11
Masashi Asao
Article Product Liability Masao Umeda 17
Tutorial Robust Estimation in Regression Analysis Yasuo Ohashi 22
Lecture International Cooperation to Solve Quality Problems Shoichiro Toyota 31
Lecture QC on QC Masao Kogure 34
Reportage 8th Annual Conference 43
Contributed Paper Testing 2 ~2 Contingency Tables (2) Yoritake Fujino 47
Case Method How to Improve Evaluation Method for, Automobile V-Belt Reliability Hiroshi Takano 54
Yasuhiro Hashimoto
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 59
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 65

Vol.9 No.2

Article Operations Research and Quality Control Hiroshi Yoda 3
Article Tolerance Criteria on TE-Process : Model Specification Yuko Fujishiro 10
Article Instrumentation Control and Quality Control Hiroshi Yano 17
Article On Statistical Method and Reliability -Summary of Reports of ICQC'78 Tokyo- Hajime Makabe 23
Tutorial The Economic Design of x and Pn Control Charts Hiroyuki Takahashi 29
Tutorial 2 and E2 Tests of Means under Ordered Restrictions Haruo Miyazaki 36
Tutorial On the Reliability of Fatigue Strength of Materials Toshiyuki Shimokawa 44
Contributed Paper A Processing Method of Sensory Test Data Hiroshi Ohta 50
Shigeo Kase
Case Method Reliability Data Analysis of Rotorcraft Sumio Asai 57

Vol.9 No.3

Article Quality of Service in Banking Business Jiro Tsukahara 3
Article Review of Environmental Problems from a New Point of Sight Jiro Kondo 9
Tutorial Note on Experimental Design as a Curriculum in Universities Gen-ichi Taguchi 17
Tutorial 12 Irems for Change Control Hitoshi Kume 23
Panel Discussion Configuration Control 31
Reportage The 15th Technical Conference 38
Contributed Paper A Study on Estimation of the Parameters of the Dynamic System in the Quality Design System(No.1) Osamu Furukawa 44
Yasuhiko Takahara
Satoshi Iida
Case Method The Example Applied FMECA for Inspection -How to Select the Inspection Items- Hiroyuki Ogawa 52
SQC Review Microcomputer and Its Application to Statistical Analysis Atsushi Ootaki 58

Vol.9 No.4

Article Quality Control in Development Laboratories Koichiro Iwasaki 3
Article Environmental Pollution and Quality Control Kiyoshige Shiozawa 12
Article Process Capability Masao Kogure 18
Tutorial A Trial Method to Modernize Management System from the Viewpoint of Functional Control Takaharu Mizuno 25
Lecture Processing Environmental Data from the Viewpoint of SQC Tadakazu Okuno 31
Reportage The 5th Symposium Osamu Furukawa 39
Contributed Paper A Study on Generalized Program for Analysis of Variance Yoshiko Yokoyama 50
Case Method Applicative Model of Quality Control to Office Work Hideo Yoshikawa 58

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