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"Hinshitsu (Quality)" | Vol.8, No.1~4, 1978

Vol.8 No.1

Message from President Shoichiro Toyoda 3
Message from President Tetsuichi Asaka 4
Lecture Quality Control Activities at Toyota Shoichiro Toyoda 5
Reportage 3rd Symposium Norio Kamisawa 11
Reportage 7th Annual Conference 19
Article TQC and Management Minoru Toyoda 23
Contributed Paper Pooling of Life Test Data Masaaki Tujitani 28
Hiroshi Ohta
Shigeo Kase
Technical Note Quality Evolution Computer System QECS-1 -2nd Report of Research Group for Computer Applications- Hisakazu Shindo 33
Takashi Shiraki
Yoji Akao
Case Method Establishment of Safety and Reliability Assurance System Based on International Quality Assessment System for Electronic Tadayoshi Ooka 40
SQC Review Analysis of Time-Series Data Takeaki Nagai 47
Result of Questionnaire for "Quality," JSQC Yoji Akao 52
Yasuo Kuroda
Masashi Yajima
Report and Annual Schedule from JSQC 58
A Nominal List of JSQC Leader 63

Vol.8 No.2

Article System Design for Off-line and On-line Quality Control -Role of Experiment Design- Gen-ichi Taguchi 3
Article Evolution and President Problems on Concept of Control Point Kozo Koura 9
Tutorial On the Nonparametric Statistical Methods and It's Computer Software Yoshikazu Tsuda 17
Contributed Paper On Simplified Estimation and Test for Mean Life of Weibull Hajime Makabe 25
Case Method The Quality and Cost on the Rental Service of Computer System Yoshio Kubota 31
Case Method On the Method of Statistical Proof for the Reason of Combination of the Combined Drugs for Prescription Sadao Komemushi 37
SQC Review Tolerance Limit Hiroyuki Takahashi 45
Mamoru Umemura
SQC Review Methods of Jackknife Inference ; A Review Masashi Goto 56
Takenobu Tazaki

Vol.8 No.3

Tutorial Statistics of Extremes Shigeo Kase 3
Tutorial Development of Sampling Methods in Japanese Industry Kaoru Ishikawa 9
Lecture Quality Control and System Theory Osamu Furukawa 20
Lecture Quality Planning from the Economical Viewpoint Gen-ichi Taguchi 26
Contributed Paper A Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Accumulating Method in Two-Sample Tests for Ordered Response Categories Hiromichi Kodama 31
Hiroyuki Uesaka
Masashi Goto
Contributed Paper Bayesian Confidence Intervals for Independent Series or Parallel Systems from Binomial Component Data Tetsuo Miyamura 40
Reportage The 13th Technical Conference 47
Case Method Reliability Prediction on Space Vehicle and Satellite Tetsuji Makino 52

Vol.8 No.4

Article Industrial Engineering and Quality Control Tetsuro Shingu 3
Article TQC:It's Possibilitics in Improving Management Effectiveness Yotaro Kobayashi 9
Article Reliability and Quality Control Shigeru Aoki 12
Tutorial Quality Planning Shigeru Mizuno 18
Lecture Application of the Methods Used in Quality Control for Formulating Policies in Industrial Factories Yoshinobu Nayatani 25
Reportage The 14th Technical Conference 32
Reportage The 4th Symposium Kozo Koura 35
Contributed Paper Testing 22 Contingency Tables(1) Yoritake Fujino 40
Case Method Regression Analysis Applied to Industrial Research and Some Investigation Takafumi Isogai 50
Koji Oku
Book Guide Methods for Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data Tetsuo Miyamura 58

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