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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.31, No.2, 2001 (英訳)

Message from Vice President Takeo YAMAOKA 3
Message from Vice President Takao ENKAWA 4
Features Customer Relationship Management that the Customer Principle which supported the Management of the 21st Century was Stared
Before the Feature Ken-ichiro IMAZATO 5
Changes of Market and Society from a View of Needs Noriaki KANDA 6
Industrial Reverse Revolution by Information Technology TSUKIO YOSHIO 11
A Consideration and Methods of CRM Based on Customerism Noriaki KANDA 14
Productive Use of Customer's Opinion in Kao Miki ITO 26
Product Development by Co-creation Masami HIGUCHI 35
Affording Products and Services on One to One Concept Akihiro HORI 45
Retail Systems for Customer-centric Management Jiro KATO 51
Customer Relationship Management in Maintenance Service Business Tadashi NISHINO/
Koji SANO/
Tsutomu ASAHARA/
Hiroshi OKANO
Promotion of Customer Satisfaction Management in Mobile Communication Business Tadashi KONDO 69
Activity Report of Research Section A Study of the Relation Between Knowledge Management and Quality Function Deployment Kazushi NAGAI 76
Technical Note Studies on Estimation and Use for Marketing of Utility Function of Segment Naohiro HANYA/
Applied Research Proposal of Divided Process Control Method in Coding and Unit Test Yasunobu KINO 94
Applied Research Change-point Detection from Marginal Count Failure Date Md. Rezaul KARIM
Kazuyuki SUZUKI
Applied Research Efficient Performance and Control of Software Development Projects Based on the Operation Process Model Using IDEF3 Tetsuya ODAKA 125


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