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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.26, No2. 1996 (英訳)

Message from Vice-President Yasutoshi Washio 5
Features [Future of TQM: Opinions from Overseas]
Introduction Yukihiro Ando 6
Article The Future of Quality in the United States Brian L. Joiner 7
Article The Future of TQM: A North American Perspective Glenn Mazur 10
Article Adaptation of Japanese Style TQM by American Companies Satya P. Sharma 20
Article Total Quality Control in Italy Alberto Galgano 25
Article Total Quality in Europe: Trends Past and Future David Hutchins 28
Article Maturity in Quality -Still to Come in Sweden Lennart Sandholm 31
Article Sift to Market Economy May Activate Chinese QC Ma Lin 34
Article A View on TQC Movement in Thailand Prasit Tansuvan 36
Article The Road toward Total Quality Management -A Taiwan Perspective- H. Samuel Wang 39
Article The Development of QC in Brazil and the Japanese style TQC Dario Ikuo Miyake 44
Article Comments on Overseas Opinions on Future of TQC/TQM Takao Enkawa 50
Activity Report of Research Section SQC Ken Nishina 53
Activity Report of Research Section Quality Management in Non-Profit Organization Tadashi Ohfuji 57
Contributed Article Role of Elements and Factors in Solving Problems and Using QC Technique Nobiru Nakamura 63
Contributed Article A Study on Product Value, Quality, Price and the Ability to Market Competitiveness Toshiyuki Mochimoto 72
Quality Report Final Report of the Committee on Quality Public Works Jiro Kondo 81


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