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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.24, No.2, 1994 (英訳)

Message from Vice-President Hitoshi Kume 3
Features [Quality Function Deployment in Planning and Development]
Tutorial Quality Function Deployment in Planning and Development Tadashi Ohfuji 4
Case Method QFD in the Development of Processed Materials Masahiko Oyaizu 6
Case Method Quality Function Deployment for Planning and Development in Specialized Dental Equipments Manufacturer Yasutaro Ito 12
Case Method QFD for Planning of Software Development Yoshiaki Katayama 20
Case Method QFD for New Product Development in the Electronic Equipment Manufacturer Kihachirou Iseki 26
Yasuo Saka
Kiyoshi Shirato
Case Method QFD on Developing and Planning in Parts Manufacturer Kiyoshi Seshimo 33
Article Understanding the Customer Requirement with Scene Deployment Michiteru Ono 39
Article Image Expression in QFD Ryoji Nishihara 45
Activity Report of Research Section Final Report of Case Study Team of Strategic Management and TQC Kozo Koura 50
Activity Report of Research Section Report of Research Section: "Kansei" and Quality Ken Nishina 55
Contributed Paper On an Effective Method for Regression Testing for Software Update Hitoshi Fuji 63
Ayatomo Kanno
Quality Report Optimization of the Conditions of a Dry Etching Process in Semiconductor Fabrication -An Application of Mixture Experiments- Keiichi Takahashi 73
Manabu Iwasaki


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