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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.22, No.4, 1992 (英訳)

Contributed Paper Application of Maximum Matching Algorithm for Selective Assembly Yasuhiro Yamada 3
Yoritake Fujino
Technical Note Some Comments on Data Processing Methods for Estimation Population Mean -From Analytical Observations in ISO and JIS Standards- Yutaka Aoki 11
Noriaki Kano
Toshiro Haga
Technical Note An Approach to Evaluation of Quality Table Masaki Hoshida 18
Tomohiro Takiguchi
Atsushi Ootaki
Case Method The Statistical Analysis of the Springback for Stamping Parts with Longitudinal Curvature Koji Kusune 24
Yutaka Suzuki
Shingo Nishimura
Kakuro Amasaka
Features How to Assure Quality of Assembly Products
Introduction Yoichi Inoue 31
Article Quality Assurance and Product Safety Tetsuo Miyamura 33
Article Japanese Way of Quality Management and ISO Model for Quality Assurance Yoshinori Iizuka 39
Tutorial The Role and Importance of Owner's Manual and Caution Label for Quality Assurance Keiichi Takahata 16
Case Method Quality Assurance in Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Masanari Eguchi 53
Case Method Quality Assurance in Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Akira Saito 60
Case Method Quality Assurance in Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp. Takashi Iwaki 68
Case Method Quality Assurance in Toshiba Corporation Takenori Ishii 75
Features Software for Quality Control and Data Analysis (Continued)
Tutorial SAS -The Outline of the Most Powerful Package Software of Statistics Noriaki Kanda 82
Tutorial Some Aspects of Overseas Software for Data Analysis Toshinari Kamakura 96
Hiroe Tsubaki
Junji Nakano
Activity Report of Research Section English Translation of the Technical Terms of TQC Implementation Developed in Japan Noriaki Kano 103
Reportage The 45th Symposium Ken Nishina 109
Reportage The 46th Symposium Masamori Ihara 112
Reportage FMES 8th Symposium; Man Ana Management Engineering Yukio Shimoda 116
Reportage The 42nd Technical Conference Kageki Yamaguchi 119
Reportage Asia Quality Control Symposium (1992/Seoul) Kazuyuki Suzuki 123


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