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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.22, No.2, 1991 (英訳)

Contributed Paper A Comparison of the Eigenvector Method and the Logarithmic Least Squares Method in Paired Comparisons Ken Nishina 3
Tadao Shibayama
Contributed Paper Interaction Pattern in L18 Orthogonal Array and Guide to Assignment Masami Miyakawa 12
Katsumi Yoshida
Technical Note Statistical Analysis of Reliability Data of I out of M; G System with Emphasis on Coverage Probability Tetsuo Miyamura 19
Technical Note Automated Software Design Review Utilizing Rule Base Masao Matsumoto 27
Yasuyuki Ishiyama
Nobuo Iwata
Masaharu Sudoh
Takuji Fujimura
Features Software for Quality Control and Data Analysis
Introduction Toshinari Kamakura 36
Article The Condition of Effective Application of Data Analysis to Quality Control Toshiro Haga 38
Tutorial How to Make Good Use of QCAS and Its Future Sueo Abe 44
Tutorial A Survey and Future Prospect of Computer Software for Reliability Engineering Kazuyuki Suzuki 53
Akihiko Masuda
Tutorial QFD Support Software Michiteru Ono 62
Tadashi Yoshizawa
Case Method Person, Data-Analysis, and Software Motohisa Hirono 69
Case Method Applications of SQC Analysis Soft in TOYOTA Kakuro Amasaka 79
Kiyoshi Maki
Case Method KAO Market Research System of Customer's Satisfaction and Development of New Products Hideaki Fujimori 86
Case Method Life Research Monitors System and Upgrading Customer's Satisfaction Projects Sadamu Takeshima 96
Discussion (Sequel) Around the Reviews - Author's Answers to the Reviews on Masao Kogure's Article Masao Kogure 104


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