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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.50, No.3, 2020(英訳)

Message from Vice President
Application of the PDCA Cycle Based on Correct Data and Correct Understanding Yasushi NAGATA 3
Invited Article
Highly Reliable System Development Using FRAM Hideki NOMOTO 4
Studies on Similarity Indices of Drug Packages and Drug Names Masaomi KIMURA 10
Report of Special Interest Group
Management Technology Research Group Activity Report Masaaki KANEKO 16
Way for Improvement, Development and Utilization of Quality Management〜Study on QMS Model of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises〜 Tatsuji SHIZAWA 18
Management Technology Subcommittee WG2 Research Purpose and Aim Tsutomu KAWAHARA 19
The Concept of Audit Focusing on Clause 4 (Context of the organization) and Clause 6.1 (Actions to Address Risks and Opportunities) of the ISO 9001: 2015 Yoshikazu KAMEYAMA 20
A Study on Genuine Quality Management System Model for Sustained Business Success Keisuke SUZUKI 21
Report of Special Interest Group
The Report of activities of “Service Excellence Division” and “Production Innovation Division” 7th Research Meeting for Knowledge Sharing Kenichi NIIKURA 22
Report of Research Group
Proposal:Checklist Based on the practical Sustained Quality Management System―for the Sustainable Prevention of Injustice Ryuzo KANEKO 24
Research Topics
Utility Evaluation of Global Recoding by Classification Performance of Discrimination Model Natsuki SANO 30
The 122nd Technical Conference 34
Contributed Paper
Effectiveness Analysis of Method for Competence Evaluation through Description of Cause-and-Effect Diagram in Clinical Laboratory Practice Ryoko SHIMONO/
Satoko TSURU
Quality Report  
A Method for Behavior Observation in Order to Identify Latent Needs: Effects of Narrowing Down the Behaviors to be Observed on Obtaining More Concrete Required Quality Kenji SHIMIZU/
Takeshi NAKAJO
Some Considerations for Analysis of Covariance Tetsuo MATSUMOTO/
Toshiyasu SATO


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