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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.47, No.4, 2017(英訳)

Message from Vice President Satoko TSURU 3
Invited Article
How the Third Wave of the Internet Revolution is Disrupting Manufacturing industry Toshiya ASABA 4
Financial to Service Evolution Takashi TSUCHIYA 10
New Business Incubation System in Kansai University Kenichi NISHIOKA/
Takaharu ARAKI
Report of Research Group for Chubu Medical Quality Management in JSQC
Proposal to “Continuing Improvement Activity” that Contains “Three Elements of Motivation” Hideo KUNISAWA 25
Basis of Improvement Activities Observed in Jomon Period Shigeru KIMURA 33
Serial[About JSQC Standard]
JSQC-Std 32-001 Guidelines for Daily Management Takeshi NAKAJO 39
Overview of the Lecture
Quality Control in the Future Naotake OKUBO 44
The 113th Technical Coference Tomomichi SUZUKI 48
The 163th Symposium Kazuma NAKATA 56
The 162th Symposium Hidetoshi YOGO 60
The 114th Technical Coference Takashi YOKOI 64
Quality Report  
Power of Test in Non-orthogonal Optimal Design by Partially Execution of Orthogonal Array Experiments Containing Some Interaction Effects Tetsuo MATSUMOTO 73
An Application of a Method for Categorizing Quality Defectives and Troubles from the Viewpoint of Process Changes and Human Aspect and Planning Countermeasures for Enhancing Preventive Activities Takeshi NAKAJO/


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