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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.47, No.3, 2017(英訳)

Announcement from JSQC Hiroe TSUBAKI 3
Report of Software Division in JSQC
Software Division:Past and Future Yasushi NAGASAKA 4
Summary of Discussion by Software Division Yousuke IBARAKI 6
Intellectual Challenge Emerging from an Activity of Software Devision Takeshi KANEKO 10
Requirements Defnition and Communication in Japanese
- How to Write Japanese to Avoid Misunderstanding -
Minoru ITAKURA 14
Difficulty in Software System Development Yoshimichi WATANABE 20
Software Development and Human Resources Development Yasushi NAGASAKA 24
Report of Research Group for Chubu Medical Quality Management
Activities of Research Group for Chubu Medical Quality Management
- Practicing TQM in Health Care -
Masaya SAITO 28
TQM at Department of Pharmacy in SEKI Chuo Hospital Yuki SAKO/
Masaya SAITO
Serial [About JSQC Standard]
Introduction of JSQC Standard:Guideline for Quality Ensurance by Process Shu YAMADA 39
Overview of the Lecture
Global Management and Quality of Auto Industry in the Future Kunihiko OHNUMA 44
Challenge for the Future of Human Resource Development Matabee Kenji MAEDA 48
Quality Report  
Optimization of Machining Based on Statistical Model Akira OGAWA/


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