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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.47, No.2, 2017(英訳)

Message from Vice President Koichi OBARA
Report of Research Group for High Reliability and Safety in JSQC
The Fourth Period Activities of Research Group for High Reliability and Safety in JSQC Kohei OKABE 4
About the Way of the Safety Management to Watch in the Change of the Recall Kenzo NAGAHARA 7
Perspectives of Prevention for Accident and Trouble in Social Infrastructure Shinji YOKOGAWA 15
Safety Technologies in Autonomous Decentralized Railway Control System Takashi KUNIFUJI 21
[Aeronautical]Safety Management of Drone System Kakuya IWATA/
Quality Issues for Safety of Autonomous Driving System Koichi OHO 34
How Can the Activities to Ensure Quality and Safety of Driving Automation Systems be Applied to Other Domains? Makoto ITOH 40
The Future Task of Quality Control from the Viewpoint of the Galapagosization Masahiro YOKOYAMA 44
The Proposal of the Social Quality Concept Ryuzo KANEKO 48
Serial[About JSQC Standard]
Introduction of The Japanese Society for Quality Control Standard “Quality Management Terms” Kenzo NAGAHARA 54
Overview of the Lecture
The Great East Japan Earthquake and Qualification System for “Professional Engineer for Geotechnical Evaluation”Activities and Operation of the Japanese Geotechnical Society(2011-2015) Toru SUEOKA 59
Contributed Paper  
New Regression Method Based on the Idea of T-Method (1) Makoto MAEDA 71


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