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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.47, No.1, 2017(英訳)

Message from President Hiroe TSUBAKI
Report of Special Interest Group
Subcommittee of Quality and Safety in Healthcare:Past and Future Masahiko MUNECHIKA 4
Quality Management System Model for Healthcare:Past and Future Masaaki KANEKO 6
Through the Implement of the QMS-H and PCAPS Akira SHINDO 11
Patients Condition Adaptive Path System:Past and Future Satoko TURU 17
Report of Research Group
Report of Wakate Research Group(Tokai Area) of Chubu Branch Ken NISHINA/
Shin-ichi MATSUDA
Report of the Working Group for Early Career Researcher’s Program in Hokuriku Area Kazuyoshi ISHII/
Serial[About JSQC Staderd]
Introduction to the Series Mamoru SUMIMOTO 36
Overview of the Lecture
Collaboration of Design Engineers and Field Technicians in Gray Zone Kenji TANAKA 39
Road to Sustainable Success“The Cataler Way of Quality Improvement” Hiroaki SUNAKAWA 45
The 111st Technical Conferrence Takashi YOKOI 51
The 159th Symposium Makoto SAKANE 55
The 112nd Technical Conferrence Ichiro YAMADA 59
The 46th Annual Conferrence Katsutoshi AYANO 62
QC Salon  
About the Name Referred as Tukey's Procedure of Multiple Comparison Using Studentised Range Tetsuo MATSUMOTO/
Toshiyasu SATO/
Takeo WADA


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