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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.46, No.4, 2016(英訳)

Message from Head of Kansai Branch Masaru KONDOU
Features 〔A New Paradigm of Brand Manegement in The Value Co-creation Age〕
Introduction to the Features Yuichiro KATO 4
Sustainable Competitive Advantage Brought by Category Branding based on the Company's Philosophy   Miwako SAITO 6
Shift Towards Service Industry by Manufacturer Based on Forward-looking Solution Concept-New Business Model which“SMARTCONSTRUCTION” Aims at-   Chikashi SHIKE   11
Creating Attractive Corporate Values Levaraging Internal Branding Yasuhiro AOYAMA 18
Construction of the Value Chain by the Participation of Stakeholders who Sympathize with the Brand Philosophy Hideaki TSURUTA  29
Brand Management and TQM in the Value Co-creation Age Yuichiro KATO  34
Category Branding :The method of the business creation through the future insight Naoki FUKUDA  43
Report of Research Group
Report of the Technometrics Research Group−The Past and Future of The Tehcnometrics Research Group−   Manabu KUROKI  49
Measurement of Advertising effects by Marketing Mix Modeling with a Future Perspective   Toru IMAI  55
Trend of the SQC Based on Data Clustering−Studies of Categorical Data Analysis Based on Principal Points for Multivariate Binary Distribution−   Haruka YAMASHITA  61
Some Notes on the Application of Regression Analysis to Causal Analysis   Manabu KUROKI  67
The 158th Symposium Shigechika HIGAKI  74
The 160th Symposium Kazauo TATEBAYASHI  78
Quality Report  
Analysis of Sequential Experiments with Ordinal Factors by ANOVA-model Tetsuo MATSUMOTO/
Tomoya HIRANO/
Takeo WADA
Optimization of the Calibration Period in the Case that“JIS Z 9090” is not Applicable−In the Case of Pin Gauges− Ichiro SASAKI/
Wenjing GAO/
Xifeng WANG


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