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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.46, No.3, 2016(英訳)

Message from Vice President Toru SUEOKA
Features 〔Role of Mother Factories for Japanese Companies Operating Overseas〕
Introduction to the Features Takeshi KANEKO 4
The Role of the Mother Factory System in Japanese Companies,
and the Future Research Subjects  
Takahide YAMAGUCHI 6
Change of Role at Mother Factory under Globalization.   Isao HASEGAWA/
Hiroshi YAMANO  
The Role and Meanings of “Mother Function” for RICOH Hitoshi TAKEDA 19
Nissan's Global Production and Role for Japan's MONOZUKURI Takuji HISAMATSU  25
Serial 〔The Top of Management:Initiation of My TQM〕
My First Encounter with TQM −My Late Father's Aspiration−   Makoto NAKAO  31
Research Introduction
Four Pitfalls and Seven Practices for Practical Software Quality Measurement And Evaluation   Hironori WASHIZAKI  37
The 157th Symposium Tadashi SAITO  41
The 110th Technical Conference Enji TANAKA  45
Technical Research Paper  
Design of Orthogonal Array Experiments Having Intentional Missing Data Tetsuo MATSUMOTO 62
Survey and Field Study Paper  
A Model to Measure Software Development Techniques for Their Influence on QCD Effectiveness in Terms of Controlled Outsourcing Ratio Takashi UCHIYA 72
Applied Research Paper  
A proposal of the Workshops to Make Workers Report Their Notices Regarding to Incidents or Exceedances in the Workplace and Managers Accept the Reports. Akira HOSOJIMA 83


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