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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.46, No.2, 2016(英訳)

Message from Vice President Satoko TSURU
Special Contribution
For the Sustainable Growth of Japan Shoichiro TOYODA 4
Features 〔Roles of TQM Promotion Division and Future Themes〕
Introduction to the Features Yozo ITOH 9
Resolution of Global Themes by TQM Activities   Takeshi NAKAJO   12
TQM Promotion in Toyota Motor Corporation   Jingo OHASHI   18
Global Promotion of GC's "MONOZUKURI" Spirit for Making True Products Kenji TAKEISHI 25
Resolution of Global Themes by TQM Activities Nobuzumi FUJII/
Takashi NOGI/
Masayoshi USHIKUBO 
The Future of TQM at RICOH:Building on Past Successes and Identifying Current Key Issues to Produce Even Stronger Results Going Forward  Hidetoshi KUMAI 37
Research Introduction
Application of Design of Experiment in Simulation Experiments   Naru ISHII  45
ANQ Congress 2015 Taipei Lu JIN  49
Survey and Field Study Paper  
Correlation of Software Project Plan Element and QCD by Unified Structural Modeling Takashi UCHIYA/
Yasunobu KINO
Applied Research Paper  
A Method for Implementing RCA in Outsourcing Including Many Home Workers Yoshitada SAITO/
Akira AOKI/
Yasuyoshi ARAI/
Takeshi NAKAJO


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