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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.46, No.1, 2016(英訳)

Message from President Hiroe TSUBAKI/
Naotake OHKUBO
Features 〔Collaboration of Regulatory Authorities and Companies for Effective Safety Management Toward Secure Society〕
Introduction to the Feature Makoto ITOH  5
Perspective of Quality Assurance Reflecting Lessons Learned from Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear accident in Japan  Naoki MIYAKOSHI 7
Transportation Safety Management System in MLIT and Safety Management in Transport Companies  Makiko OKAMOTO 14
Regulation, third party evaluations and the process improvement activity in healthcare Yoji NAGAI 20
Back Fitting and the Role of Risk Managers and Risk Owners Nobuhiro KATO/
Kazuyuki SUZUKI
Government Regulation and/or Industrial Self-directive Management for Preventing Violation-caused Accidents Yuki SHUTO 36
A Discussion on the Way to the Society with Safety and Trustworthiness Hiroshi KIMURA 40
Serial[The Top of Management:Initiation of My TQM]
What TQM Means to Me Kunihiko OHNUMA  46
Research Introduction
Conference Matrices and Design of Experiments Kentaro TANAKA 51
The 100th Quality Control Symposium Yuichiro KATO 55
The 108th Technical Conferrence Hirofumi IINO 61
The 154th Symposium Kazuo TATEBAYASHI 64
The 156th Symposium Tetsuo MATSUMOTO 68
The 109th Technical Conferrence Takahiro SHIMIZU 72
The 45th Annual Conferrence Katsutoshi AYANO 76
Applied Research Paper    
A Method for Estimating Human Error Occurrence Rate in Machining Yuki SHIMIZU/
Yoshitaka TAKAYAMA/
Takeshi NAKAJO  
Design of Experiment with Two Operating Window Factors Masami MIYAKAWA/


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