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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.45, No.4, 2015(英訳)

Message from Head of Chubu Branch Syouji IGAWA
Features 〔Developing Problem Solving Competencies in Primary and Secondary Education〕
Introduction to the Feature Hiroe TSUBAKI/
Kazuyuki SUZUKI
How to Develop the Mathematical Problem Solving Competency Atsushi NAGAO 6
How to Foster Competencies on Mathematical Scientific Problem Solving Eizo NAGASAKI   11
Issues on Teaching Practice to Foster Competencies on Mathematical-Scientific Problem Solving:Through Analysis of Progressive Projects in Europe Keiichi NISHIMURA     18
Necessity and Proposal of Problem-Solving Process through Cross-Subject Study Kazuyuki SUZUKI 25
Problem Solving Based on Data, and the Case Study Masayo YAMASHITA 30
Serial[The Top of Management : Initiation of My TQM]
Me and TQM - Management Structure Innovation to be Global Excellent Companies - Masayoshi USHIKUBO 37
Research Introduction
On an Evaluation Method for Sample Surveys based on Asymptotic Distribution Theory Hitoshi MOTOYAMA 42
The 107th Technical conference Masashi SAWADA 46
The 155th Symposium Toshiya ISHIGAMI 55
Contributed Paper    
Optimal Maintenance Policy for Aging Systems Under Non-stationary Markov Deterioration Lu Jin 65


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