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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.44, No.4, 2014(英訳)

Message from Chair of Editorial Committee Kazuo TATEBAYASHI
Features 〔The Front Line of Statistical Methods in Manufacturing〕
Introduction to the Feature Norio IRIKURA 4
Oil Temperature Classification Method Using Logistic Regression for Hydraulic Electronically Controlled AWD System Hiroki YOSHINO 8
Clarification of Complex Casual Structures Using Structural Equation Modeling in the Industrial Field Taku KONDO 14
Welding Inspection with Image Processing  Takashi MUROSAKI 19
Physical-Statistical Hybrid Model for MIRROR PLANT  Makoto NAKAYA/
Xinchun LI  
Serial[The New Thinking Method and Organization Management to Improve Values of Business]
Organizational Knowledge Integration and Creation based on Internal-marketing Yuichiro KATO 31
Research Introduction
On Time Scales of Failure Events Watalu YAMAMOTO 36
The 150th Symposium Hiroaki ODAI 40
The 151st Symposium Tomonobu FUKAYA 43
The 153rd Symposium Yoshihiro SHIMIZU 47
The 105th Technical Conference Terumichi MURAYAMA 51
The 30th FMES Symposium Makoto ITOH 54
Contributed Paper    
Additional Runs in Three-level Screening Experiments Using Conference Matrices Masafumi SUZUKI/
Kentaro TANAKA/
On the Estimation Accuracy of the Total Effect Using Intermediate Characteristics Manabu KUROKI/
Takahiro HAYASHI


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