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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.44, No.3, 2014(英訳)

Message from Head of Kansai Branch    
Manufacturing and Acceleration of Globalization Shinya OKADA 3
Features 〔A Forward of Feature Articles : Quality Control in Big Data Generation 〕
Introduction to the Feature Seiichi YASUI 4
Utilization of Big Data and Business Analytics  Keiichiro NAKAGAWA/
Process Control for Semiconductor Manufacturing Hironobu KAWAMURA  12
A problem of the Data Analysis in the Plant Cultivation and a Ffuture Action Shozo ISHIBASHI 16
In-House Education of the Data-Science in the Manufacturing Industry Mutsumi YOSHINO 22
Data Science in Higher Education Kazunori YAMAUGHI  30
Serial[Understand the Specialty Skills for the Small and Medium-Sized Companies to Survive this Age of Change]
A Guide to Strategic Design of Quality Management System for Sustained Success                                         Masaaki KANEKO  34
Serial[The New Thinking Method and Organization Management to Improve Values of Business]
B2C Case using Ideal-Seeking QC Story  Yuichiro KATO 38
Research Introduction
Introduction of Multi-Agent Simulation Development of Leadership Transformation Project Takao NOMAKUCHI 43
The 104th Technical Conference Shun MATSUURA 46
Survey and Field Study    
An Empirical Study on Information Sharing and its Effects/Causes in New Product Development  Takeshi OKITA/
Takeshi NAKAJO
Applied Research    
A Practice of T²-Q Control Charts in Semiconductor Manufacturing Process  
-A Paradigm shift from monitoring the amount of variation to monitoring the pattern of variation -
Hironobu KAWAMURA 


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