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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.44, No.2, 2014(英訳)

Message from Vice President Naotake OKUBO
Features 〔Evolved QFD〕
Introduction to the Feature Koji TANAKA 4
Realization of the Competitive Advantage by Module Standardization Tsutomu KONNO 6
A Consideration of QFD for the Next Generation Kazushi NAGAI 12
The Fusion of Innovative Product Development Process and QFD Tadao NAKAMURA 18
The Effective Design of Experiments by the Fusion of Taguchi Methods and QFD Naofumi IIZAWA 23
Application of QFD for Innovative Organization Hideaki HARAGA 29
Requirement Management and Quality Function Deployment  Masamitsu KIUCH 35
QFD Company training by Quality Table that can be written in One Hour Hiromitsu TAI 40
Serial[Understand the Specialty Skills for the Small and Medium-Sized Companies to Survive this Age of Change]
Customer Value Provision in this Age of Change at Y.K.P Company  Masaaki KANEKO 45
Serial[The New Thinking Method and Organization Management to Improve Values of Business]
B2B Case using Ideal-Seeking QC Story Yuichiro KATO 49
Research Introduction
A Method for Personnel Allocation based on Competence Evaluation at Hospitals Ryoko SHIMONO 54
Statistical Analysis of Masked Data in competing Risks Models  Yoshimitsu NAGAI 58
The 149th Symposium Yosuke IBARAKI 62
Contributed Paper    
A Model for Deriving a set of Standard Process Modules aiming for Quality
Assurance of Surgery Process
Satoko  TSURU/
Yoshinori  IIZUKA
Robust Parameter Design for Multi Signals Response System Koji TSUKUDA/
Yasushi NAGATA
Quality Report    
A Consideration on the Relationships between Expression Methods of Moving Image Manual and Human Error Occurrence Rate in Operations Toshihiro NOGUCHI /
Toshiki OOUCHI /
Takeshi NAKAJO


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