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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.43, No.3, 2013(英訳)

Message from Chair of Standards Committee Yoshito HIRABAYASHI
Features〔Activity Situation of Division of Research Association for Effective Use of Management System and Audit〕
Introduction to the Feature Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 4
Solution Concerning Problem in Audit and Operation Activity of Management System Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 6
 Study for an Audit to Certify Conformity, No.2             
−Case Studies for Applying the Concept of Joint ISO/IAF Communiques, Expected Outcomes for Accredited Certification to ISO 9001-
Yoshikazu KAMEYAMA 12
Positioning of QMS in Business Processes Takeshi NAKAJIMA 18
The Study of "the Self-Declaration of Conformity" which Helps Management
−The innovation to Make a Profit on Useful ISO from Useless One−
Teruo IKEDA 24
A Research of Technical Method for Second-Party Audit                 
−Guide Line for Second-Party Audit −
Shinichi KIMURA/
Hiromichi OGATA/
Study of the ISO 9001 Promotion that  Medium and Small-Sized Business Manager Want to Use−Guideline to Run QMS− Tadao OIKAWA 34
In order to Improve the Effectiveness of a Management System
−Basic Guideline for the System Audit Procedure−
Koji KOZUKI 41
Serial [ISO 26262 –Approaches to Functional Safety in Automotive Industry-]
Necessary Requirements of the Data Management Infrastructure for ISO 26262 Yasuo KANEHIRA  50
Serial [Understand the Specialty Skills for the Small and Medium-Sized Companies to Survive this Age of Change]
Introduction to the Serial  Masaaki KANEKO 56
The Survival Strategy at TSUGAWA Corporation  Masaaki KANEKO 58
Report of the Research Group
Technometrics Research Group Shu YAMADA 63
Research Introduction
Useful Control Chart for Real Process  Hironobu KAWAMURA 75
A study on the Methodology to Prevent Medical Errors due to Non-observance Haizhe JIN  78
The 144th Symposium Hironobu KAWAMURA 81
The 146th Symposium Makoto ITOH 84
The 101st Technical Conference Chisato KAJIHARA 88
Contributed Paper
A Statistical Modeling and Optimization of Dynamic Parameter Design Toshihiko KAWAMURA /
Studies of Error-Proofing in Medication Incidents 
−A method of Planning Countermeasures Focused on Improvement Objects− 
Haizhe JIN /
Masahiko MUNECHIKA /
Masaaki KANEKO /
Masataka SANO
Technical Note    
The Kernel Principal Variable Method and Its Application Natsuki SANO/
Quality Report    
A Value Index Considering Attractive Quality and Must-be Quality Takeshi NAKAJO 139


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