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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.43, No.2, 2013(英訳)

Message from Vice President Tadashi OHFUJI
Features〔Theory and Practice of Disaster Risk Management〕
Introduction to the Feature Ichiro SATO 4
The Great East Japan Earthquake and Risk Management   Tsuyoshi TAKADA 6
Present State and New Perspective on Seismic Risk Analysis  Tatsuya ITOI 12
Characteristics of Natural Disaster and Risk Treatment Ichiro SATO 19
Business  Continuity  Management  Osamu  MURAKAMI 26
Attempt to Establish a Business Continuity Management System in the “Toyota-way” Motohiro KONDOH  32
Aseismic Reinforcement of Existing Medical Facilities  Yoe MASUZAWA 40
Serial [ISO 26262 –Approaches to Functional Safety in Automotive Industry-]
ISO 26262 Activity in Japanese Automotive Idustry and Future Tendency Ryuji OSUGA 46
Serial [Activity for Quality and Safety Assurance in Healthcare and Social Service]
Activities for Quality and Safety Assurance of social services in Yodakubo Welfare Organization –Interview with Yutaka Muraoka (Managing Director) and Misato Hoshina (Assistant Manager of General Affairs) Satoko TSURU/
Shogo KATO
Resarch Introduction
Proposal of Educational Contents for Healthcare Safety Chisato KAJIHARA 56
Research on the Relationship between Economic Change and Customer Satisfaction Björn FRANK 60
Technical Note    
A Method for Evaluating Maturity of Design Review Makoto KAJIHARA /
Takeshi NAKAJO
Robust Parameter Design for Non-Linear Systems Takenori TAKAHASHI /
Toshihiko KAWAMURA


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