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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.43, No.1, 2013(英訳)

Message from President Takeshi NAKAJO
Message from President Masahiro SAKANE
Features〔Clinicians' Aspects for Quality Assurance in Healthcare〕
Introduction to the Feature Satoko TSURU 5
The Important Rule of the Administrator of Local Cancer Center to Promote High Quality Cancer Care Susumu KAWAMURA/Tetsu SHINKAI 7
Quality and Safety Assurance Using“Patient Condition Adaptive Path System (PCAPS)”in Breast Cancer Treatment   Kenjiro AOGI 12
The Management System of Cancer Care Using a Clinical Process Chart for Anti-cancer Drug Therapy  Makio GAMOH 19
Clinical Management of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease   Kunio MORISHIGE 23
Quality of Neurosurgical Treatments: a Clinical Process Design for Treatment of Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms Toshiro KATSUTA/Yoshihiro NATORI 27
COPD−Disease Management and Quality Check of the Exacerbation Therapy Takashi MOTEGI  30
Quality Management  of  Pediatrics in Japan    Masako FUJIWARA  34
Quality Management of Perinatal Regional Collaborative System Using the Japanese Pregnancy Risk Score Hidenori OGUCHI/Nodoka MIYAZAKI/
Mayu UKAI/Natsuki KOIDE/
Shinya KONDO/Tetsuya KOKABU/
Tomohiko MURASE/Yasuyuki KISHIGAMI
Quality Assurance of Rehabilitation as a Therapeutic Measure Makoto IDE 44
Serial [ISO 26262 –Approaches to Functional Safety in Automotive Industry-]
Approach to ISO 26262 in Japan and Foreign Countries Takeo HIRAI 49
Serial [Activity for Quality and Safety Assurance in Healthcare
and Social Service]
Activity for Quality and Safety Assurance in Sugi Medical -Interview with Keiji Arai (President) and Kesami Sano (General Manager, Quality Management Department) Satoko TSURU/Shogo KATO 53
The 7th Congress of Japanese Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare Ryoko SHIMONO 57
Resarch Introduction
A Study of Establishing Methods of Parameter Estimation and Tests for Non-regular Distributions with Unknown Threshold Parameter  Hideki NAGATSUKA  61
A Study on principal points for Binary Data and Approximation Methods  Haruka YAMASHITA  64
The 142nd Symposium Kazuo SHIGI 68
The 100th Technical Conference Taichi INABA 72
The 42nd Annual Conference Norio IRIKURA 76
Contributed Paper    
A Study on the Methodology to Analyse and Prevent Medical Errors due to Non-observance
Haizhe JIN/Masahiko MUNECHIKA/
Masataka SANO/Masaaki KANEKO
Applied Research    
Study on Practical Use of Trouble Information in the Business Processes   Akira NAGAMATSU/Takeshi NAKAJO/


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