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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.42, No.4, 2012(英訳)

Message from the Vice President Kiyoshi NAKANISHI
Features〔Trends and Futures of Software Quality Technologies in Japan 〕
Introduction to the Feature Yasuharu NISHI 4
Software Quality- a Variety of its Characteristics -  Keiji OSHIMA  8
Fundamentals of Software Quality Assurance Methodology in Japan Takamasa NARA 16
Software Process Improvement Hideto OGASAWARA 22
Three Challenges in Quantitative Management of Software Quality     Makoto NONAKA 28
Forefront Software Testing and Front-loading technologies in Japan Satomi YOSHIZAWA/
Yasuharu NISHI
Built-in Quality for Software Design by Engineer Itself Noriko IIZUMI 46
Realization of Software Quality beyond CMMI level 5 Naomi HONDA 54
Accumulation of Teachings by Narrative Depiction Yoshimichi WATANABE/
Takeshi KANEKO
Serial [ISO 26262 –Approaches to Functional Safety in Automotive Industry-]
ISO 26262 and it's Issues  − Interpretations at Bosch - Junichi OCHI 70
Serial [Activity for Quality and Safety Assurance in Healthcare and Social Service]
Activity for Quality and Safety Assurance in Ooguno Hospital and Shindo Clinic
–Interview with Akira Shindo (director, Ooguno Hospital) and Yukio Shindo (director, Shindo clinic)
Satoko TSURU/
Shogo KATO
Resach Introduction
Promoting A Quality Management System in Healthcare Organization-Introduction to“A Structured Model of Difficulties in Implementing and Promoting QMS in Hospital A”   Masaaki KANEKO  80
On Identifying Dispersion Effects in Unreplicated Fractional Factorial Experiments  Seiichi YASUI 84
The 98th Technical Conference Takeshi KANEKO 87
The 141st Symposium Kazuo TATEBAYASHI 98
The 140th Symposium Shinichiro YAMAKAWA 102
The 143rd Symposium Shinsuke SUDA 106
ANQ Congress 2012 Hong Kong  Koji TSUKUDA 110
The 99th Technical Conference Yoshihiro NAKAYAMA 113
Contributed Paper    
A Model for Designing a Training Program for Rehabilitation
 -Rehabilitation for Improving ADL at Recovery Stage-
Shogo KATO/
Satoko TSURU/
Yoshinori IIZUKA
Applied Research    
The Effective Factor Choice and Allocating Method for Orthogonal Array in Software Testing Kouichi AKIYAMA/
Tomohiko TAKAGI/


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