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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.42, No.2, 2012(英訳)

Message from Chair of Editorial Committee Yasuhiko TAMURA
Features〔Human Resources and Technology in the Globalized Business Environment〕
Introduction to the Feature Takeshi KANEKO 4
Skill Succession and Human Recourses Development in Bosch Takahiro KANEKO 6
Technical Succession and Personnel Training of Chinese Software Offshore  Company Xiaobo WU/Miao ZHOU/Kiyohiro KAWAI 13
Human Resources development in Some Deming Prize Winners in Asia Yukihiro ANDO 20
Re-thinking about the Quality Education/Training on the Company
 −between a Facilitating-Side and a Receiving-Side−
Yoshiro MITSUFUJI 30
Creating Learning Environment for Self Initiated Learning
-Case Study in Visionary Leaders For Manufacturing(VLFM) Programme in India−
Shoji SHIBA 41
Future Direction of Japanese Manufacturers and Human Resources Kentaro NOBEOKA 50
Business Management for High Quality and Human Resource Development Hiroshi YUI 57
International Literature Digest
The International Literature Digest Haize JIN/
Huiping ZHOU/
Yoshimitsu NAGAI/
Reportage on the 2nd Problem Solving Educational Forum for Science and Technology Kazuyuki SUZUKI 68
Contributed Paper    
Robust Parameter Design with Multiplicative Models in Measurement Systems
−Optimization Based on Response Function Modeling and Performance Measure Modeling −
Toshihiko KAWAMURA/
Consideration to Apply Taguchi's RT Method to Continuous Type Data that is not the Same Dimension Masato OHKUBO/
Yasushi NAGATA
Prediction Accuracies of Improved Taguchi's T Methods Compared to those of Multiple Regression Analysis Junki INOH/
Yasushi NAGATA/
Keisuke HORITA/
Arisa MORI


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