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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.41, No.2, 2011(英訳)

Message from Vice President
Society, as a Social Activity Masahiko MUNECHIKA 3
Features〔The Subjects of the Third Party Certification System, and its Solution.〕
Introduction to the Feature Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 4
Improving the Credibility of Management System Certification Yoshikazu KAMEYAMA 6
The Audit to Verify the Conformity to ISO9001 Yoshito HIRABAYASHI 15
Auditor's Expertise, and Relation between Audit and Consulting Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 20
A Survey on a Drastic Reconstruction of QMS
−Survival with a Smart ISO9001:2008 QMS − 
Takeshi NAKAJIMA 26
Research of Establishment and Auditing Technologies for Next Generation QMS Keiichi KAWAHARA 33
Technique on Conformity Assessment of Management System,
Based on Management Principles
Koji KOZUKI 39
Study of the ISO 9001 Promotion for Contributing to Management
−Importance on the relation of Quality and Cost−
Tadao OIKAWA 46
International Literature Digest 
The International Literature Digest Naoya OGIHARA/
Toshihiko KAWAMURA/
Haize JIN/
Yoshimitsu NAGAI
A Report on the 1st Science and Technology Education Forum Michiko WATANABE 56
Contributed Paper    
A Model for Describing Work Process at Hospitals Ryoko SHIMONO/
Satoko TSURU/
Yoshinori IIZUKA
Development of a Methodology for Design Process Planning, Validations and Requirement Definitions for Managing Design Qualities.
-Design Process Recording by the Systematic RDC Model.
Toshihiko NAKAZAWA/
Hiroshi MASUDA
Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Control Limit Policy on Partially Observable Markov Decision Process Lu JIN/
Kazuyuki SUZUKI/
Kazuhiro KUMAGAI
Weak Collapsibility Condition in a Linear Regression Model by
using an Undirected Independence Graph
Manabu KUROKI/
Survey and Field Study
An Experimental Study of Design Defects Focused on Semantic Similarity between Words in Software Development Tetsuya KOUNO/
Yasuharu NISHI
Applied Research
A Method of Assessing the Organizational Activities to
Prevent Inappropriate Human Behaviors
Takeshi NAKAJO



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