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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.38, No.4, 2008(英訳)

Message from Vice President
Risk Homeostatis of Quality Takao ENKAWA 3
Features〔Assurance of Reliability and Safety of Industrial Products
and Prevention of Their Problems〕
Introduction to the Feature Kazuyuki SUZUKI 4
A Map for Assurance of Reliability and Safety of Industrial Products Kazuyuki SUZUKI 9
Introduction to RCA (Root Cause Analysis): Review Organization’s Management System from the Viewpoint of Prevention Takeshi NAKAJO 17
Manager's role in Preventive Action and Quality Management Education Ryuzo KANEKO 25
A New Approach to Quality Assurance - to Assure Reliability and Safety of Industrial Products in an Advanced Technological Society - Hajime MAKABE 34
Information Sharing and Advantage between Consumers and Companies to Secure Reliability and Safety Kenji TANAKA /
Makoto ITOH
Making Activities for Product Safety in Ricoh -As Central Subject for Risk Management- Kenzo NAGAHARA 48
Reliability Activity and Safety Activity in Komatsu
-Product Reliability and Product Safety in Construction and Mininng Equipment-
Shingo OTA 54
The 123rd Symposium Ken KITAZAWA 62



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