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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.38, No.3, 2008(英訳)

Message from Vice President
Aiming at "Deployment of Q" Takeshi NAKAJO 3
Features〔 The Power of Organization, Workplace and Shopfloor 〕
Introduction to the Feature Yukio TAKIZAWA 4
A sketch on organizational driving ability, driving ability of work-place and one of actual operations-place Hiroshi YUI 6
Cultivating Gemba-Power as a competitive advantage Isao ENDO 12
Organization’s power and worksite’s power from TQM perspectives  Masamori IHARA 18
Enhancement of Gemba-ryoku, power of the shop floor, by the application of improvement activity Yukio TAKIZAWA 24
Momentum of Process Improvement driven by motivation of work force Takashi KOBAYASHI 29
The information clerks’ improvement of motivation and reform of consciousness Miyuki UCHIDA 34
The new improvement method for organizations through new type publicity activity with business collaboration Teruyuki IWASAKA 39
The 119th Symposium Yukihito SHIMAMURA 45
The 86th Technical Conferrence Tatsuya NIINOMI 48
Contributed Paper
A extraction procedure for measures of overcoming the difficulties in introducing and promoting a quality management system in a hospital Masaaki KANEKO / TetsuoSHIWAKU / Masahiko MUNECHIKA / Yoshinori IIZUKA / Satoko TSURU 65
The Evaluation of Causal Effects on the Variance and its Application to Process Analysis Manabu KUROKI 87
Applied Research
Integrating SPC and APC in Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Hironobu KAWAMURA / Ken NISHINA / Masanobu HIGASHIDE / Koji SHIMAZU 99



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