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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.38, No.2, 2008(英訳)

Message from Vice President
Pursuit of Quality Control that Contributes to the Changing Society Kunihiko OHNUMA 3
Features〔Recognition and Utilization of Accidental Dispersion and Systematic Dispersion in Software Development Process〕
Introduction to the Feature Takeshi KANEKO 4
Create New Things by Reviewing Old Things!: Application of the Dispersion and the Control Chart Ayatomo KANNO 6
Improve Stability and Productivity of Requirements Analysis Minoru ITAKURA 14
Improving Software Design Process Capability Based on Perception of Systematic Dispersion Susumu SASABE 21
Dispersion Cause and its Management in Software Testing and Inspection Process Katsuyuki YASUDA 28
Systematic Dispersion and Accidental Dispersion in
Software Project Management
Motomu KOUMURA 34
Reevaluation and Adaptation of Traditional Quality Management Style in Japan to Improve Software Quality Takeshi KANEKO 42
The 118th Symposium Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 49
Contributed Paper
Effect of Individual-level Cultural Factors on
Customer Satisfaction and Repurchase Intent
Mizuho OGIKUBO / Huang ZHENG / Takao ENKAWA 63
Selective Assembly to Minimize Clearance Variation by Shifting the Process Mean When Two Components Have Dissimilar Variances Shun MATSUURA / Nobuo SHINOZAKI 73
Applied Research
Application of Genetic Algorithm to Numerical Experiment in Robust Parameter Design for Signal Response System Pisvimol CHATSIRIRUNGRUANG/Masami MIYAKAWA 82
Application of Design of Experiments to Calibration of Simulation Model Mutsumi YOHINO / Osamu KONDO / Ken NISHINA 92
Contributed Article
Strategic Quality Education in Japanese Corporations: Extraction and Analysis of the Best Practices in Quality Education Minoru SAKUDA / Hiroshi OSADA 99



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