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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.37, No.3, 2007 (英訳)

Message from Head of Kansai Branch Katsuya HOSOTANI
Features 〔Search for the Root Where an Innovation Was Born 〕
Introduction to the Feature Masumi AKITA 4
Development of Autonomous Decentralized IC Card Ticket System "Suica" and Strategy of MOT(Management of Technology) Akio SHIIBASHI 6
No Innovation in no KAIZEN Norio IRIKURA
Hino' Reforms in The Design & Development and Production Ways Yoshihiko KOSHIISI 17
Practice Makes Perfect: NAZUKI Linguistic Analysis System for Japanese Junichi AOE
Masayuki KESSOKU
The Introduction of “Virtual Hollywood”
- Fuji Xerox Corporate Culture Reform Program -
Tomio AMANO 30
  The Source of Breakthrough Initiative
-Case study: Visionary Leaders for Manufacturing Program in India-
Shoji SHIBA 36
  Statistical Quality Control as Supporting Tools for Innovation Shu YAMADA 43
  Innovation from the In-House Venture Project : Birth Story of NTT DATA INTRAMART CORPORATION Yoshihito NAKAYAMA 48
Consideration of Special Each Theory - From the Aspect of TQM- Masumi AKITA 53
Activity Report of Research Section
Fainal Report : Quality for Market Price Study Group
- Sutdy on Relations to Quality and Price
Tadash OHFUJI 60
Final Report of "Chubu Medical Quality Management Research Workshop" Hideo KUNISAWA 64
The 83rd Technical Conference Yoshimichi WATANABE 68


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