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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.34, No.3, 2004 (英訳)

Message Yoshikazu OJIMA 3
Features Quality Control and Digital Engineering
Introduction Takahisa IIDA 4
SQC and Digital Engineering
-The Technical Trend and Contemporary Subject of Design Parameter Optimization-
Mutsumi YOSHINO/
Digital Engineering by Using Optimization Design Approach Qiang Yu 13
Design of Experiments in Computer Simulation -Uniform and Supersaturated Designs- Shu YAMADA 21
Application of Orthogonal Array for Software Testing (HAYST Method) Kunitoshi YAMAMOTO 30
Digital engineering for the design of products Toshiaki SATOH 39
Digital Engineering and Quality Assurance Study Group Ryuzo KANEKO 45
Digital Style Design Based on "Kansei" Hideki AOYAMA 52
Activity Report of Reserch Section 3PS Reserch Group Tadashi OHFUJI 58
Reportage The 96th Symposium Masahiko YAMAZAKI 62
Applied Research A Method of Predicting Usage Errors Based on the Interactions Between Product Attributes and Users-use Situations Takashi SAI/
Takeshi NAKAJO


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