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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.33, No.3, 2003 (英訳)

Message from Head of Chubu Branch
It is Time for Review and New Challange to Improve Quality Tadashi ONISHI 3
Message Mission of Transdisciplinary Federation Hiroyuki YOSHIKAWA 4
Features Research Methods for Quality Management
For Editing the Special Planning Tokuhisa SUZUKI 6
The Actual Scene of "Customer Satisfaction Measurements"
-Field Work and the Limits of Questionnaire Survey on Retail and Service Industries
Asami DAIGO 7
Interview Research for Product Planning : Present Status and Issues to be Solved Junichiro SANUI 13
The Present Condition and Possibility of Web Survey Shinya SANO 21
The Contents and the Application of "Motivation of Status Quo" Miyuki KIKUIRI 28
Analysis on Office Evaluation Data Based on Evaluation Grid Method Takaya KOJIMA 36
Application of Propensity Score to Web Survey to Approximate Random Sampling Takahiro HOSHINO 44
Developing a Corporate Evaluation System Using Survey Data
-Ten Years of "NIKKEIPRISM"
Tokuhisa SUZUKI 52
A Dialogue Concerning Survey Research Tokuhisa SUZUKI 59
Activity Report of Reserch Section
Planned Research : Report of Total Quality Management in Health Care Study Group Shuhei IIDA 67
Summary Report for "Knowledge Creation Practice Study" Shigeo NAGASAWA 71
Reportage The 2nd Quality Promoter's Meeting for JSQC Patronage members Jun TOKITA 73
Contributed Paper A Test of The Equality of Several SN Rations for the Systems with Dynamic Characteristics Yasushi NAGATA /
Toshiyuki YOKOZAWA
Contributed Paper Longitudinal Change Pattern of Customer Satisfaction and its Correlation with Market Share Based on Quality Improvement Expectation Data Masaomi IKESHOJI /
Takao ENKAWA /
Survey and Field Study The Validity of Human Defence-in Depths Daisuke SHIMAKURA /
Quality Report Consideration on the Effect of Acquiring ISO 9001-2000 Version Certification at an Engineering Company Hideo OISHI 113


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