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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.33, No.2, 2003 (英訳)

Message from Vice-President Shuhei IIDA 5
Features Six Sigma VS Japanese TQM
For Editing the Special Planning Shu YAMADA 6
TOSHIBA Management Innovation Deployment Kazuo ISHIYAMA 8
Restructure Company-Wide Activity for Quality-KAIZEN & Innovation Misao SESAKI 15
What is the Uniquuness of Six Sigma - In Contrast with TQM ? Noriaki KANO 22
The History of Six Sigma is An Exemplary Reference Issue for TQM Implemented Companies from The Point of View of A Consultant Seiichiro TOMITA 30
The Role of The Statistical Software in Six Sigma Kiyoshi KATAYAMA 36
The Cost of Poor Quality Framework Supports Strategic Features of Six Sigma Yoshihiro ITO 40
TQM and Six Sigma from Points of View of Organization Structure , Approach and Solution for Problems Tsutomu KONNO 47
Statistical Techniques in Six Sigma and Japanese TQM Shu YAMADA 54
Reportage The 89th Symposium Kozo IKEDA 63
The 1st Quality Promoter's Meeting for JSQC Patronage members Masaharu OGAWA 66
Contributed Paper Research of TQM Elements in the National Quality Awards in the World and ISO 9001 Kozo KOURA /
Contributed Paper Comparative Analysis of Factor Structures in the World Class Quality Awards
- Using the Deployment Table of TQM Elements as an Anchor
Kozo KOURA /
Contributed Aticle Assessment Method of Organization Culture for the Management Innovation Katsuhiko ISHIZUMI /
Hiroshi OSADA
Contributed Aticle Assessment Method for QC Circle as Knowledge Activity Akiko KOBAYASHI /
Hiroshi OSADA


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