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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.32, No.4, 2002 (英訳)

Message from Chair of International Committee Yoshinori IIZUKA 3
Congratulations ! Noriaki KANO 4
Special Article : JABEE
JABEE Program Evaluation in Industrial Engineering & Management Science and Related Areas - New Stage of Industrial Engineering Koya KISHIDA 7
Some Comments about the JABEE System after the Trial Accreditation on It Kiyoshi YODA 12
Features Establishing a Product Planning System
- A Method of Making Hot-selling Products in the Depression
Introduction Noriaki KANDA 15
The Systematic Tools in TQM for Creating Hot-selling Products - What is 7PP ? - Noriaki KANDA 16
The Process of Product Planning with Customers by P7 Takuya MACHIDA 30
Comments Kazuhiko MARUYAMA 36
Product Planning of NISSAN X-TRAIL by using 7PP Masahiro TOI 37
Comments Shinya NAGASAWA / Satoshi KAWAE 42
Product Planning of Houses Aiming at Living Together With Pets Isao KUMANO 43
Comments Tsutomu KONNO 48
Product Planning of " KIRIN Nama-cha " Kiyotaka MIYADAI 49
Comments Shinya NAGASAWA /
Satoshi KAWAE
R&D of Chocolate snack " Fran " for Ladies Hiroyuki KATAGIRI 56
Comments Tadashi OHFUJI 63
New Product Planning by Searching for Changing Needs for Stationery Kozo KASAHARA 64
Comments Shinichi OKAMOTO 70
Development of Diamond Coated Drill - Product Planning of New Tool in Which Customer's Needs from Survey Masaki HAYASHI /
Yoshihiro TAKIKAWA /
Hiroyuki HANYU
Comments Noriaki KANDA 78
Reportage The 69th Technical Conference Yasuhisa YAMAUCHI 79
The 87th Symposium Akira UCHIDA 89
ISO Special Symposium Isao MUTOH 92
Contributed Paper Monitoring Method for Detection of Irregular Deterioration using Mixed Effect Model Yoichi SEKI /
Analysis of Semantic Differential Method Considering Individual Differences in Evaluation Structure Ken NISHINA /
Futoshi YAMAMOTO /
Masanori NAGATA
Applied Reseach Analysis of Customer Satisfaction Survey Data Based on Square Contingency Table with Ordinal Scales Wataru YAMAMOTO /
Noriaki KANO /
Hidetoshi INOUE /
Kazuyuki SUZUKI /
Noritaka SHIMURA
Lifetime Estimation from Field Data with Seasonal Effects Lianhua Wang/
Hideaki TAKEUCHI /
Masahiko SAKATA /
Kazuyuki SUZUKI
Contributed Aticle The Strategic Elements for the Sustainable Growth - The Case Study on Winners and Losera Tadao OIKAWA /
Hiroshi OSADA
QC Salon University Management and Systematic Reform - The Case of K.I.T Akihiko OKAZAKI 153


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