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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.32, No.2, 2002 (英訳)

Message from Vice President Yoshinori IIZUKA 5
Features Quality Assuarance Corresponding to Necessity of Business Speed and The Requiement from Globalization
Introduction Koji KOZUKI 6
Subjects of Quality Assuarance for a New Age Noriyoshi FUKUMARU 7
Quality Crisis and Top Management-Theoretical Discussion on Quality Assurance System Chart Supporting Made-In-Japan Quality Noriaki KANO 13
Management Eyes of Quality Assuarance Akira TAKAHASHI 18
Enhancing Problem Solving Ability Yoshinori IIZUKA /
The Trouble Data and FMEA Which Utilized IT Tadashi TARUI 35
Smooth Launching New Model Production Simultaneously Both in and Outside Japan Shingo OTA 41
Let's Work with One Accord to Activate Worldwide SHARP " CATS " Activities Misae TAKAGI 49
Japan Management Standard-its Method of Self-Evaluation-its Process and the Mechanism of Assuring the Quality of Corporate Manufacturing Operations through the Given Steps of Self Evaluating the Process / Mechanism Hiroyuki TAKEUCHI 56
A Methodology for Preventing Accidents due to Human Behaviors Final Report of the JSQC Research Group on Human Behaviors in Complex Technology Fields Takeshi NAKAJO 65
Topics Sammry of The 4th Open Corse for ISO Management System Tadashi YOSHIZAWA 78
Contributed Aticle New Enviromental Management System Based on Management Quality Yoshihiko SARUWATARI /
Hiroshi OSADA
Quality Report Establishing an Advanced Management System by Integrating ISO9001 with ISO14001 Norio TSUKADA /
Hiroshi OSADA


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