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学会誌「品質」 | 「品質」目次 | Vol.32, No.1, 2002 (英訳)

Message from President Noriaki KANO 3
Features Thinking about Standardization on the New Age
- How should We Manage a Company Standard on the 21th Century ?
  For Editing the Special Planning Yoshiro MITSUFUJI 4
General View / Standard and In House Standardization Masao UMEDA 7
Standardization under a Change of Management Circumstances Yoshiro MITSUFUJI 15
Accumulation Transmission, Aapplication and Creation of Knowledge.
Translate Personal Know-How into Explicit Knowledge.
Tadashi OHFUJI 27
Standardization and Education/Training to Vitalize Various Personnels Noriharu KANEKO 35
Standardization for Small Companies Kenji OHTA 46
Standardization to Shorten The Time to Narket Masataka YOSHIZAWA/
Takashi SAWANO
Standardization of Mold Production Utilizing the Power of IT Koichi NODA 60
Standardization in Globalized Enviroment Hitoshi KUME 65
Reportage The 83rd Symposium Tadashi SUGIURA 72
The 31st Annual Conference Takeshi KANEKO 77
Topics Sammry of The Second Open Corse for ISO Management Kayo ITO 89
News From Standard Committee Menber of Committee 92
Report and Plan of JSQC Activities/JSQC Leaders 93
Contributed Paper A Study on the Method to Manage Design Knowlege on Failures
- Construction of the Knowledge Structure of a Causal Chain of Failures -
Yasuhiko TAMURA/
Yoshinori IIZUKA
Applied Research A Method for Evaluating Software Manuals Based on the Possibility of Use Errors: Focus on the Interaction between Operation Types/ Condition and Description Method Hirokazu HONGO/
Takeshi NAKAJO


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